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  [4] Hobbies 1 
In the market for a new digital camera? #909

Important features to select in a digital camera:

• The amount of memory that comes with the camera. Today, a minimum of 128 MB is needed to take around 100 pictures of a good quality without downloading them to your computer.
• The type and popularity of the type of memory you need to upgrade. The two most popular are, CompactFlash and SmartMedia, they are getting to be larger in capacity and lower in cost
• Image quality is determined by the Megapixels, a 2-megapixel camera delivers a that's very well suited for most snapshots. Photos can be scaled down to send via e-mail or enlarged for a 5x7 print.
• For larger pictures like an 8x10 prints a 3 plus megapixels is recommended if you wish to have a sharp image in a larger print.
• A digital camera should connect to your computer via USB or serial port or you need a flash card reader to read the photos from your memory card.
• A zoom lens closes the distance between you and your subject,. A 3x zoom is comparable to a 35-to-105-mm lens on a film camera; a 2x zoom, to a 35-to-70-mm lens.
• Certain cameras let you record an audio clip with a picture. However, these clips devour storage space. Some allow you to record limited video, but the frame rate is slow and the resolution poor
• Red-eye reduction shines a light toward your subject just before the main flash. (A camera whose flash unit is farther from the lens reduces the risk of red eye.
• Automatic flash mode, the camera fires the flash whenever the light entering the camera registers as insufficient
• Battery life is an important feature while you travel without access to an outlet if you have a rechargeable battery.
• The next-shot delay is the number of seconds that it takes to take the next picture. The delay con range from 2 to 5 seconds depending on the camera.
• The weight and size of the camera may be very important to you in the long run after all, you want to have the camera with you when you need it.
• The flash range is the maximum range for a well-lighted photo, anywhere from 7 to 15 feet of distance covered.
Editorial staff

4.16 (44)

Thanks to: WisdomTips editorial staff - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Dec 14, 2002 - pub.:Dec 14, 2002
Hardwoods and Softwoods #969

These terms are misleading. The term "hardwood" has no bearing on the actual hardness of the wood. Hardwoods come from deciduous flowering broadleaved trees. Softwoods come from coniferous trees with needlelike leaves--most are evergreen, but a few are deciduous such as larch. Some "hardwoods," aspen and balsa for example, are much softer than some hard "softwoods" such as yew and larch.

4.63 (16)

Thanks to: Elizabeth LaCava - Noblesville - USA. - rec.:Jan 7, 2003 - pub.:Feb 24, 2003
Money saved on yarn #2539

When working on plastic canvas, if you have a piece of yarn that is only three or four inches long, don't throw it out! It can be used to finish off that last bit of stitching when you have only a few stitches left; it can also be used to tie together strands of yarn when making a tassel or pom-pom.

4.44 (9)

Thanks to: J J Keist - USA. - rec.:Jun 10, 2004 - pub.:Jun 16, 2004

The word “hobby” is very often just a word to disguise what is really an obsessive-compulsive-disorder.

3.67 (12)

Thanks to: Walt Haskins - Lahaina, Hawaii - USA. - rec.:Sep 20, 2004 - pub.:Nov 1, 2004

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