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Budget Traveling in Europe #108

When traveling around Europe with the Eurorail pass, remember traveling at night can save you the expense of a hotel room. Many trains traveling at night also have a car that has beds for this specific reason. Buying a ticket for the sleeper car is alot less expensive than a hostel or a hotel room. Plus, when you wake up you will be in a new city or country not having wasted a day.

4.48 (48)

Thanks to: Linda Schmidt - Copenhagen - Denmark - rec.:Apr 26, 2002 - pub.:Apr 26, 2002 - sent.:Sep 9, 2017
Keep a low profile when touring #761

Planning to rent a car on your next vacation? Try not to advertise the fact that you are a tourist, which could make you an attractive prey to thieves.
1. Always insist in local plates when you rent a car,
2. Request a model that’s popular in the area you’re visiting and with no rental company logos or plates.
3. Don’t bother to get the car washed; a little dust will help you blend right in with the locals.
4. When you park, keep maps, brochures, guidebooks and bags locked in the trunk. Buy a local paper and leave it on the seat to look more like a “native.”
5. Ask the rental agent whether there are certain neighborhoods it would be best to avoid.
6. Keep doors locked and windows up while driving.

4.65 (26)

Thanks to: Alicia - Barrington - USA. - rec.:Nov 6, 2002 - pub.:Nov 9, 2002 - sent.:Dec 7, 2018
Traveling is one of those times when everything is out of your control! #878

Things to keep in mind every time you travel; always accept that nothing can change circumstances as they are happening to you, you can’t never change people with whom you interact at that moment of interaction period. When an occurrence like a delay a lost luggage is not of your liking, it is nonetheless taking place. You will be wasting energy by resisting; the only result of doing this is stress. Instead of avoiding what you don’t like surrender and face what you feel, accept as part of life the need to process your negative emotions, think! Each time you work trough your fears and negative emotions you will be better prepare for your future. Accepting what it feels to go through circumstances or people we don’t like, it is a good thing, it makes us a better person. You may at a later time work on a well prepare plan on attempting to change others or your circumstances.

4.30 (33)

Thanks to: Dante - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Dec 8, 2002 - pub.:Dec 8, 2002 - sent.:Dec 10, 2018
Make a quick getaway from baggage claim #78

Have you notice that no matter how unique your luggage seems to you, there is inevitably another piece just like it on your flight? So you don't have to look through every black suitcase that rolls by on the conveyer belt, try to personalize your pieces of luggage a bit. Perhaps you can tie bright-colored yarn or ribbon to the handle, or sew a unique patch in a visible area. Make it easier on yourself: you don't really want to take forever looking for your bags after a long flight, right? Another even more important reason to do all this is to avoid others from taking your luggage by mistake causing a much greater problem.

3.94 (35)

Thanks to: Kate - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Apr 18, 2002 - pub.:Apr 18, 2002 - sent.:Sep 23, 2017
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