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Take the furture head on. And do it with a smile. : ) #1046

"Everything happens for a reason, don't worry about the reason just live with what happens"

4.49 (138)

Thanks to: Brandan Salany - Pittsburgh - USA. - rec.:Feb 8, 2003 - pub.:Feb 24, 2003 - sent.:Aug 1, 2018
Postive Thinking #103

In an episode of Star Trek that caught my attention - the crew landed on a planet where anything that was created; all they had to do is think about it, and it become a reality. The planet was a vacation destination for rest and relaxation. Naturally, they are in a good mood, when they arrive and their thoughts are all about having fun.
At the beginning, everyone is having a fantastic time. They're creating wonderful things and having the time of their life. This good time continues for a while, but after a time things start to change. As the crew gets tired, they start creating negative situations. They create things they do not desire. In this episode the villain becomes themselves or their own thoughts. The very thoughts that in the beginning created a wonderful life for them are now making their lives miserable.
What struck me is that "Star Trek" was analyzing real life, because this is exactly what we do in our lives everyday.
We start out in something new and have all this positive energy, in the beginning. Whether it's a new job, a new relationship, moving to a new area, or a new project, we start off with zeal and passion. After some time, we grow tired. Our positive energy turns negative and our thoughts begin to work against us. Before you know it – you start thinking negatively toward the situation.
Your thoughts created by your own mind create the things you don't really want. In the end, it is your negative, self- destructive thoughts that create the things you don't want in life.
By not controlling your thoughts, you stop having positive thoughts and most important of all - you stopped creating the things you want in life.

4.17 (58)

Thanks to: Chuck Hartman - Little Rock - USA. - rec.:Apr 25, 2002 - pub.:Apr 25, 2002 - sent.:Sep 30, 2018
Rescuer´s Prayer #225

Lord we´re not here to be a hero or to be seen on TV
we´re here to serve a purpose to save a human being.

Amidst the death and destruction give us strength to carry on.
Let the light of your love shine as the whole country mourns.

Give our ears the sensitivity to hear the faintest sound
give us courage to keep going until the last person is found.

Even though we know so many precious lives were lost
we will bring the home to their loved ones no matter what the cost.

The walls may crash in around us and the skies may turn deathly gray
But we will go back to ground zero...another day.

~ Angela Kaye Boyce ~

4.14 (49)

Thanks to: Patty Hollis - Syracuse - USA. - rec.:May 14, 2002 - pub.:May 19, 2002 - sent.:Jul 31, 2002
Dreams #1668

When your dreams turn to dust, vacuum.


4.26 (42)

Thanks to: Anonymous - USA. - rec.:Jul 8, 2003 - pub.:Jul 8, 2003 - sent.:Sep 16, 2017
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