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Best tip to quit smoking! #718

While it took me a total of seven attempts to finally quit smoking for life, one of the best advices I received was from a person in Indianapolis, Indiana; He suggested, promise yourself that you’ll never go back to smoking on the spare of the moment, on an instant of weakness, tell yourself: Ok, I give up I will start smoking tomorrow morning! Today, 20 years later I use this technique in other aspects of my effort to be a better person.

3.75 (81)

Thanks to: Dante - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Oct 17, 2002 - pub.:Oct 17, 2002 - sent.:Oct 22, 2018
Set a target date to QUIT! #853

To be successful at quitting smoking make sure you set yourself a target date to stop smoking by. For some people, it is best if they ease there way into non-smoking instead of going cold-turkey. Set a date a few weeks away and gradually start quitting, then when the day comes, it will be that much easier!

3.59 (56)

Thanks to: Peter - Chicago - USA. - rec.:Dec 4, 2002 - pub.:Dec 6, 2002 - sent.:Jun 30, 2017
Quit Smoking for Good #1756

I found all the advice for me was useless until I decided to quit myself. What made me quit was I was an asthmatic until I was 24 years old and I started having breathing problems that I thought was an oncoming cold but turned out it was the cigarettes that I was smoking. At that time I vowed that in my old age that I was not going to have a monkey on my back (an oxygen tank and tubes in my nose) gasping for air. I quit cold turkey for that reason and Pearson’s Coffee Nips was my savior. They only have 25 calories, taste like nicotine (without the bad effects) and you are sucking on something. I think that is what I missed and also that taste.

3.69 (26)

Thanks to: joey - USA. - rec.:Jul 19, 2003 - pub.:Jul 28, 2003 - sent.:Aug 5, 2003
Stop Smoking #2141

My husband and I used every method on the market to stop smoking with no success. Our weakest moment was first thing in the morning with that 1st. cup of coffee. Even though we had just applied a new patch, the craving was still overwhelming. We both tried putting the patch on a bedtime instead and had success the first morning. We both had nightmares and poor sleep for the 1st 3 days, but neither of us has touched a cigarette in 10 years

3.41 (27)

Thanks to: Jan Johnson - USA. - rec.:Jan 4, 2004 - pub.:Feb 2, 2004 - sent.:Jun 18, 2015
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